10 tips and tricks to grow long, healthy hair

May 18, 2017

Dreaming of long, luscious locks? Maintaining your hairs health scalp to ends is the most important part of growing long, healthy hair. We’ve come up with these top 10 tips and tricks to help grow your hair long and strong.

  • Put yourself on a trim schedule –  half an inch trim every 6-10 weeks is recommended to prevent split ends before they start. By trimming your hair with the change of the season, you’re maintaining your length and preventing further damage.
  • Ditch the metal elastic bands –oftentimes, hair bands with metal clasps get caught in your hair, and tear it. Try opting for a hair clip or papanga hair band to eliminate breakage, pulls, kinks and tears. Papanga pic.
  • Brush your hair ends to root – if you start at the scalp, you will pull tangles down into one big knot, especially when wet. By starting at the ends and gently brushing through, you’re less likely to experience tangles and tears.
  • Using the right tools – Avoid using a brush while your hair is wet. Instead, comb through it in the shower while conditioning to avoid breakage. Try not to use heat products – if you must use heat, using a low temperature will help prevent further damage. After /during drying, boar bristle brushes are great for distributing the hairs natural oils from the scalp to ends to keep your hair all-over moisturized.
  • Using the right products –Priming your hair with salon-quality heat protecting styling products when using hot tools will help prevent damage, frizz and breakage. Using a treatment weekly will also help to maintain moisture and prevent damage. Using protein based products will keep the hair strong. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap.
  • Cut down on the shampoo – over washing your hair can strip it of it’s natural oils, leading to dry, damaged hair. Using conditioner on your “off” days will help to retain moisture.